Calgarians Now Have a Place to Talk Construction Tech

By Shallan Grisé

Construction Tech YYCIn the past, the construction sector lagged in productivity gains compared to other industries, due in part to a reluctance to adopt new technologies.  Times are changing, though, especially in Calgary where the ever-growing tech scene has produced several startups with offerings specifically geared toward construction efficiencies. There’s increasing demand for a community built around construction technology. From long-time industry professionals to students and tech hobbyists, people are excited to learn about and share these new innovations.

Enter new Meetup group, Construction Tech YYC.  Co-Founder (one of three) Jenn Hunter says, “We looked around to see what was already out there in the construction and technology scene in Calgary and didn’t find anything already established.” She continues, “The goal was twofold: to gain exposure in the community about ongoing projects and to have community members share knowledge between each other.”  Hunter was not expecting the overwhelming response to the creation of Construction Tech YYC. Membership to the group quickly surpassed 100 members with minimal social media promotion. “Interest spread mostly by word of mouth. I think the response really speaks to the hunger Calgary has for a construction tech community,” Hunter explains.

The group’s inaugural meetup will take place June 27th at Metropolitan Grill. The overall vibe is informal, attendees are welcome to stay anywhere from 30 minutes to the full two hours, and featured presenter Veerum will speak about VR applications in the construction industry.  Those interested can find the Meetup page here and keep up with the group on their LinkedIn page here.

by Shallan Grisé

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