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You Might Be An Aimsian If...

By Aimsio Team Writer

How does one know if they’d like a job at a new company?

It can be a big risk leaving a role at an existing company (or conversely, turning down other job opportunities) to accept a job offer.

Aimsio is a small company. That means when an employee relationship doesn’t work out, for any reason, it really hurts us. So we have put together some insights that we have as to what kind of people enjoy working at Aimsio and might find themselves in their “forever job” if they were to accept a role with us. Here are some ways to know if you might actually be an Aimsian deep down inside.

You might be an Aimsian if…

  1. You’re humble and more than happy to admit if your idea is wrong, or if someone’s is better.
  2. You’re candid and straight-forward. You’re up-front with people and you give feedback. You’re not a jerk about it, but you’re honest. No one ever has to wonder what you’re thinking.
  3. You’re looking for stability. You want to find a company where you can make friends, make a contribution, and make a difference.
  4. You think games, all kinds of games are really stinkin' fun!
  5. You love to grow within your career but growth for you is not defined by a title in your role. For example, you don’t need a level 1, 2 or 3 behind your title of Software Developer to know when you are making progress and becoming more senior.
  6. You don't have all the answers...but you're willing to find them. Part of working at a small company is that there might not be someone at the organization who holds the key to your problem. Often times, we have to think outside the box or do some research to figure out our next move.
  7. You value the flexibility that comes from working remotely. You like the idea of working from home (maybe you even have some experience doing it already?) and it suits you. You know how to find the balance that’s right for you: you know how to ignore distractions when you need to get work done, but you also know how to ignore work when it’s time to be engrossed in home life.
  8. You celebrate and embrace people from all walks of life and you think that diversity makes a workplace fun, interesting, and more successful.
  9. Finally, you're ready to try something new! We're always testing out new ideas: work from home, tools, software, you name it, we're willing to give it a try.

Accepting a job offer (especially if it requires you to resign from your current job) is a big decision. We don’t want you to make it lightly.

But if the above list sounds appealing to you, it might just be worth signing up for our Aimsio career notifications, applying for one of our existing job postings, or reaching out to use to learn a bit more.

We’d love to hear from you and even if it’s not a good fit right now, you never know what might come in the future.

by Aimsio Team Writer

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