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Your 2019 Roadmap to Success: 6 Places to find direction
By Aimsio Team Writer on January 11, 2019

Looking back at 2018, many companies are comparing projects or jobs, trying to understand what defined the winners and the losers. Cost, profit and...

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Combating the Sunk Cost Fallacy: When to abandon old tech
By Aimsio Team Writer on January 3, 2019

Sunk costs. Like the Titanic, except without any loot. Costs that have either already been incurred or cannot be changed are sunk costs. Rent, fuel,...

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3 Best Practices for Workflows: Capturing Operational Data
By Aimsio Team Writer on November 29, 2018

Every organization has workflows. A workflow is basically the sequence of events that takes place before work is completed. There are a million ways...

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How to Overcome 3 Software Implementation Hurdles
By Aimsio Team Writer on November 23, 2018

There can be multiple hurdles between choosing a software and successfully implementing one. And the hurdles look different depending on where you’re...

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Is a Cloud-based App Right for Your Business?
By Aimsio Team Writer on October 9, 2018

Remember CD-ROMs? How about installation procedures that should have started with, “Do you have 6 hours for this?”, and frequent new versions that...

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Two Approaches to Recruiting Workers Without Raising Wages
By Aimsio Team Writer on September 4, 2018

Managing the labour force of a boom-and-bust industry is challenging by nature, but critical for maintaining profitability. Capitalizing on the...

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Produced Water: Turning a liability into an asset
By Aimsio Team Writer on August 24, 2018

Image courtesy of F&T Water Solutions The trade off The newest, most efficient methods of oil and gas extraction require more water than conventional...

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AI for Business: Is it right for your organization?
By Aimsio Team Writer on August 16, 2018

Artificial intelligence has found its way into daily life. From Siri and Google Maps, to smart home virtual assistants and cars that parallel-park...

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Oil and Gas Technology: Automation, Remote Operation, AI
By Aimsio Team Writer on July 19, 2018

Exciting changes are happening as upstream companies make the transition from manual processes to digitization and automation. Let’s take a look at...

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