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Why Excel Might Not be, well…Excelling

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By Dylan Griffiths on September, 15 2022

Why transitioning your service business to a Field Management Software is a must in 2022.

There are several reasons why businesses ought to quit utilizing spreadsheets to manage their operations. The following are some major drawbacks of using spreadsheets (you might be familiar with a few):

  • Unavoidable Errors
  • Limitations due to Project Size
  • Lack of Security
  • Reporting is Painful
  • Lack of Collaboration
  • Unfit for Working Remotely

We all love Excel, it is a powerful analytical tool, very flexible, and in many cases was instrumental in building the successful business you have today, but nothing good lasts forever and it might be time to make a switch. Below we’ll go into each issue listed above, and if we’ve missed anything let us know! We’re always looking for new ways to improve how our clients execute their operations on a day-to-day basis.

Unavoidable Errors
Research has shown that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors that can lead to miscalculations and revenue leakage, drastically affecting small to mid-sized businesses (source). Field management software can effectively eliminate this kind of error through robust controls of how data is entered.

Limitations due to Project Size
Spreadsheets are a great tool when a business is smaller, but they become inefficient for managing a growing business. As businesses mature, the complexity of running them intensifies. Often a valued team-member takes it upon themselves to building out macros and other Excel ‘code’ to accomplish these complexities, but these require constant maintenance. Additionally, if/when that person wins the lottery, they take all that knowledge with them to the Bahamas; single points of failure are dangerous to organizations of every size.

Lack of Security
There’s a reason major corporations, banks, and governments refuse to use spreadsheets when it comes to important and/or sensitive information these days. Saved documents are more susceptible to digital vulnerabilities and potential data loss.

Reporting is Painful
The more complex a project is, the harder it is for a business to compile and extract all the pertinent data. On average, organizations spend 12 - 18 hours per month updating and consolidating spreadsheets. Aggregating dozens (or more) of spreadsheets to get a 10,000’ view of your business is nearly impossible. Without the ability to easily evaluate the business as a whole, an organization's production and profitability may suffer as a result

Lack of Collaboration
When it comes to multiple users, spreadsheets aren't designed for collaboration. Only one person can access and edit the data at a time, which makes it difficult to work together and verify each user has the most updated version. Even newer platforms like Google Sheets have limitations when it comes to online collaboration. Not only that, but lack of strong controls can (do!) result in data deletion, overwrites and “where did we save the most recent version?”. If your team cannot effectively collaborate, being on the same page will always be a struggle.

Unfit for Working Remotely
The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the business landscape, which forced many employees to work remotely. A recent study shows that 59% of Canadian employees now work remotely (source). Another study shows that 56% of the U.S workforce now work at least partially remotely (source). Companies want to use a program that is accessible anywhere and anytime. Therefore, it would be very difficult for spreadsheets to satisfy those criteria.

The Benefits of Switching to a Field Management Software

By switching to field management software, you can get over the drawbacks of utilizing spreadsheets – or more accurately, only use them for what they are great at - which we know will help your company in the following ways:

  • Improved Collaboration
  • Remote Work Compatibility
  • Enhanced Reporting & Communication
  • Resource Maximization & Improved Data Access
  • Competitive Advantages

Improved Collaboration
By enabling workers to efficiently collaborate on projects and keep everyone informed, field management software is intended to increase productivity. 75% of workers think that employing collaboration technologies will boost productivity in their company (source). Between our mobile app and web access, Aimsio bridges not only the office-based employees but also links the field in near-real time.

Remote Work Compatibility
Numerous companies have been forced to switch to a remote workforce since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing remote workers to experience job-related misunderstandings. Businesses can adapt to remote work by utilizing field management software like Aimsio for enhanced team collaboration and communication features.

Enhanced Reporting & Communication
31% of organizations believe that team miscommunication is the main reason for project failures (source). Field management software like Aimsio offers features to improve communication between field operations, office support and management. It's crucial to keep track of your company's development if you want to meet your long-term objectives. Software for field management gives your company a single, central destination for all its crucial data. Data management and collection take less time and are easier to access. This improves reporting and the decision-making process.

Resource Maximization & Improved Data Access
For any successful operation, resource management is essential. When it comes to real-time resource management, field management software is a game-changer. A field management software enables your company to effectively manage resources and boost efficiency, from personnel to assets & fleet. Your data is automatically stored in a secure location by cloud-based software like Aimsio. Making use of field management software makes it simpler to maintain sizable databases, improves security, boosts file consistency, and facilitates multi-user access.

Competitive Advantages
Using field management software might provide your business a competitive edge. Purchasing this kind of software is an investment in your company, not only today, but to ensure your organization does not fall behind. This enables your company to adjust quickly, perform better, build a strong sales pipeline, cut costs, and facilitates proactivity vs reactivity. You can provide the data your clients demand quickly and expertly by using field management software. This enables your company to keep a competitive advantage over rivals. Let us help accelerate your business by shattering your antiquated spreadsheet-shackles and fly into the future.

Aimsio is the field management software you’ve been looking for. Let’s move your business away from antiquated spreadsheet shackles & into the future.

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