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How To: Sample Field Ticket Template

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By Erin Pugh on August, 18 2020

Looking for a downloadable sample field ticket template? You've come to the right place. Here at Aimsio our number one priority is making service companies more efficient, and part of that is ensuring you're capturing the right data while in the field.

To date, our customers have used our software to fill out more than 1.5 Million field tickets - so we like to think we know a thing or two about tickets. Ideally, we'd like you to use a field management software like Aimsio to capture your field tickets, but if you're just starting out, this article will explain what should go on your field ticket.

If you are interested in having Aimsio do the tough work for you in creating a field ticket, contact us. We'd love to hear your goals for digitizing your field tickets.

What should go on a field ticket?

The basic rule of thumb is that what goes on a field ticket is what you charge your customer. Usually this means billable Labor, Equipment, and Material (LEM) charges. Since we've seen hundreds of thousands of field tickets, we know that no two tickets are the same, they vary for each of our customers. However, LEM charges are almost always on the tickets.

Field ticket: Labor, Equipment, Material Aimsio iPad


Your oilfield ticket should include a section to record who was on the job, how long they were there for, and the rate they bill out at. It doesn't matter how you bill for labor, you'll want to capture it on your ticket. A good software will allow you to quickly record this information, without having to do the math yourself.

Equipment or Assets

Equipment charges look different depending on if you own your equipment or if you're renting it. Either way, you'll need a place on your ticket to capture which pieces of equipment, or assets, were on the job, and the rate they bill out at. For many of our clients, it's also important to capture how long each piece of equipment was at the job site. 

If you want to be able to track your equipment, along with the equipment utilization rates, you should look into the features we offer. A field management software like Aimsio can not only digitize your oilfield tickets, it can help you track assets and ensure you're getting the maximum usage out of them.


Whether you offer coil tubing, wireline, casing, or any other oilfield service, your field ticket should capture the material you had to use to complete the job. With Aimsio, you can track material by item, yardage, feet, volume, mats, or any other metric you can think of. Heck, if you measure your materials in number of toilet paper rolls, we could do that for you.

What else should be on the ticket?

This is where you have to determine what makes sense for the service your company is offering. Some of our customers include a "Transportation" section where they track their mileage, or a "Consumables" section to record other materials used while on the job. Your field ticket will be unique because your company is unique. You'll also need a section for signatures or approvals and sign offs. Whose signatures are required depends on your approval structure. Aimsio makes this part easy by digitizing your workflow and ensuring all signatures are gathered prior to sending the ticket back to the office.

Field ticket software: e-signature Aimsio iPad

Another thing to keep in mind is that at the top of your field ticket, it's important to have a section describing which service you'll be providing. Most oilfield service companies offer more than one service so it's important that your field ticket is tracking the right service.

It's also important to think about how you can be compliant with what your customer wants. Some of your customers might use "AFE" instead of "PO", some may want to see the name of the well, others might just need something super simple. It comes down to every one of your customers requiring a slightly different ticket. It's important to think about how to make this easy for you to do. Using Aimsio is one way to make this easy.

Finally, you might want a section for "Notes" or "Other". This is often a free text field where Supervisors can make any important notes. But keep in mind that anything that is always on a field ticket should be it's own section, and probably not a free text field, especially if you're using a field ticket software like Aimsio. This makes it a million times easier to create reports.

What's next?

If you're just starting out and looking for a blank downloadable oilfield ticket or an example of a field ticket, check out the buttons below. But if you want to eliminate or reduce field ticket data entry, stop revenue leakages, or simply make filling out oilfield tickets easier than ever, request a no-obligation demo of Aimsio.

Download Blank Field Ticket


Download Example of a Completed Field Ticket

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