We made six new friends this quarter

Aimsio is happy to announce the addition of six new clients to close out Q3 of 2018.

October 2018 Press Release image - final

CALGARY (October 22, 2018) - Q3. Ah, what a Q. We enjoy all of the Q’s that a year has to offer, but Q3 of this year was something special!

We’re thrilled to announce the addition of six new clients this quarter. True to Aimsio’s configurable nature, the six new clients are in a variety of industries offering services including civil construction, site reclamation, geomatics, pipeline construction, coil tubing and inspection.

Ready to meet our new pals? Here they are from A-Z. Well actually, A-T.

Air Quality Assessors of Florida: With offices in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Naples and Ft. Lauderdale, AQA provides mold inspections, allergen testing and moisture evaluations. Plus, they’re in Florida. Fingers crossed we need to have LOTS of client meetings. We propose meeting there.

Boom: Founded in 1975, Boom is an Alberta born construction services company located in Crossfield. There’s not enough room to list all the services they offer, but trust us when we say business must be BOOMING for them.

Centerline Geomatics: Construction surveying, legal surveying, geotechnical and line locating - located in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, and Calgary Centerline Geomatics does it all. Survey says...give ‘em a call for your surveying services.

Ironclad Energy and Gladiator Energy: With names like “Ironclad” and “Gladiator” you can imagine these sister companies are determined to provide you with unparalleled service. Both Ironclad and Gladiator are currently headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and offer pressure pumping services and coil tubing services respectively.

Paterson Industries: Located in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Paterson Industries focuses on facilities construction, facilities services and maintenance. Check them out for your construction needs and tell them we sent you. Or not. It’s your call. But say hi from us either way.

Tsaa-Dunne: An earthworks and pipeline contractor located in Fort Nelson, British Columbia. If that’s not enough to get your attention, they also focus on safety, environmental stewardship and First Nations engagement and involvement in projects.

We’re excited to work with all six new friends. And while we don’t anticipate any sleepovers happening, we do look forward to getting to know them and providing the best service possible. To learn more about Aimsio and how we can help you digitize your field paperwork and transform your field operations, visit our website.

About Aimsio

Aimsio is a software that allows companies with field operations to easily manage their crew, equipment, and projects in the field. Aimsio has two offices, one in Calgary, AB and one in Vancouver, BC.

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Posted on Oct 22, 2018