Unlock the Power of Aimsio on Intuit QuickBooks Marketplace

Aimsio is now available on the Intuit QuickBooks marketplace, making getting paid happen even faster than before.

Aimsio and QuickBooks Online integration

Increase Revenue Velocity with Aimsio + QuickBooks Online

Calgary, AB (February, 2024) For years now, Aimsio's integration with QuickBooks Online has allowed companies to speed up their invoicing processes. As of December 2023, it's even easier to connect the two systems because Aimsio is now on the Intuit QuickBooks Marketplace.

Aimsio joins an impressive list of software with the capability to integrate with QuickBooks Online.

"This is just another step in the journey towards making our software as easy as possible for everyone to use. Aimsio has been a staple for our customers' operations management for years and the integration with QuickBooks Online has been a huge part of why our customers are seeing the results that they are. With QuickBooks Online, our customers reduce the amount of data entry they need to do, minimizing errors in field tickets and invoices and therefore, significantly speeding up their invoicing process."

- Abbas Sarraf, Chief Product Officer at Aimsio.

Synchronize Your Data Seamlessly

With Aimsio's integration on QuickBooks Intuit Marketplace, you can easily synchronize your data. Whether you're updating customer information, creating new invoices, or recording payments, Aimsio ensures that all your data is synchronized in real-time with QuickBooks. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors.

By synchronizing your data seamlessly, you can have confidence in the accuracy and consistency of your financial records. This allows you to make informed business decisions and maintain a clear audit trail.

Enhance Collaboration and Communication

One of the biggest reasons to take advantage of the Aimsio and QuickBooks Online integration is the ability share data between the two systems. Jobs in Aimsio can be easily converted into QuickBooks Online customer projects and invoices can also be effortlessly exported. With the ability to share real-time data between Aimsio and QuickBooks Online, your team can collaborate more effectively and stay on the same page.

"It's wonderful! It's such a time saver being able to click a whole bunch of invoices and get them exported into QuickBooks without having to manually enter them anymore. The time saved can be spent doing other things. In fact, I'd estimate I save about 4-6 hours every month using the Aimsio and QuickBooks Online integration."

- Christina Dauvin, Office Administrator at Federation Construction

As part of the process to become listed on the Intuit QuickBooks Marketplace, Aimsio had to pass technical, security, and marketing reviews. To view Aimsio on the Intuit QuickBooks Marketplace, click here.

If you aren't already using Aimsio, see what you're missing out on.

Posted on Feb 05, 2024