Explorer Construction Software and Aimsio team up

Introducing a partnership that provides end-to-end visibility for construction projects.

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CALGARY (October 9, 2018) - Explorer Software Group (Explorer), an award-winning ERP for construction companies, has added Aimsio to their list of partners. Explorer is a leader in the category and has clients such as Durr Heavy Construction and Kent Power Inc.

Aimsio complements Explorer by handling the field operations side of the equation. Aimsio is a fast-growing company known for their innovation and ease of use. Together, Explorer and Aimsio manage the entire field operations and accounting process from end-to-end, making it completely automated.

Abbas Sarraf, Aimsio Co-Founder and Head of Product says, “The partnership with Explorer was a no-brainer. The types of clients they attract are similar to our clients. Additionally, their clients are already accustomed to software and cloud-based solutions. The team at Explorer is exceptional to work with and care deeply about the customer experience.”

“At Explorer we look for business partners that will bring exceptional value to our customer base and Aimsio fits that requirement” states Mark Liss, President of Explorer. “Their easy to use system is a great compliment to the ease of use features of our Eclipse product. Our customers that are looking for a mobile solution that can handle their dispatching and ticketing needs have a great solution with this partnership”.

What does this mean?

Picture this, master data such as employee names, customers, jobs and equipment are imported from Explorer into Aimsio. Field workers are then dispatched to jobs, forms are created and tickets are filled out. All of the data captured within the Aimsio platform is then seamlessly synchronized with Explorer, making tasks like payroll and invoicing easy. No more opening a separate spreadsheet with hours worked or materials used and copying the data into Explorer. Aimsio and Explorer synch every day, automatically or on demand.

“A critical component to project based businesses is the ability to efficiently track and measure cost and schedule performance in real-time. The integration between Aimsio and Explorer has instantly created visibility on actual costs incurred and progress achieved; not only on a per project basis, but also on a per task basis. This integration allows for immediate capturing and processing of daily work tickets with little to no administrative personnel. With the partnering of Aimsio and Explorer, we now have reliable, real-time data allowing us to be proactive and achieve project success”, says Terrence Boland, CFO at Strait Projects. Strait Projects was the first Aimsio client to go live with the Explorer integration and did so in August of 2018, making the Explorer and Aimsio partnership official. For more information, visit www.aimsio.com/explorer.

About Aimsio: Aimsio is a software that allows companies with field operations to easily manage their crew, equipment, and projects in the field. For more information about Aimsio visit www.aimsio.com.

About Explorer Software: Explorer Software is the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for the construction industry, offering a broad range of solutions for small, mid-sized and large enterprises worldwide. Explorer’s construction-specific solutions offer rich functionality, a full application suite and best-in-class customization abilities. The software and services are designed to produce meaningful increases in revenues and margins to contractors.

Explorer Software is part of the JDM Technology Group, a global software business that serves the Construction industry exclusively, with 45,000 users, in 40 countries and on 6 continents, employing over 300 staff. JDM Technology’s core business philosophy is long-term commitment to customer service, coupled with providing the best possible solutions to customers.

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Posted on Oct 09, 2018