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New Feature Spotlight: UI Improvements on Invoice Window

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By Evan Krul on October, 22 2020

This month we're featuring:

Improvements we made to the user interface of the invoice window.

What is it?

With the most recent Aimsio release, we improved how the invoice window works and looks. There are four ways in which we improved it:

1. The addition of a filter for easy searching of specific invoices.

2. Instead of dragging and dropping billable items, you can now check them from a list.

3. The addition of an easier way to edit line items by simply double clicking on the item.

4. The table is bigger.

Why is it important?

All of these updates will make it easier and more intuitive to use the invoice window.

How do I see the changes?

If you have the Invoice module, you'll be able to see each of the changes:

1. Filters

Filter by Date, Item, Ticket Number, Location, Quantity, Rate, or Amount. Note: the filters available depend on how your account it set up.

Use an invoicing software to create invoices. Aimsio's Invoice feature allows you to filter invoices by date, item, ticket number, location, and more.


2. Billable items

Check off the billable items (instead of dragging and dropping them).

Track billable items and create invoices using a software.

See all of your outstanding billable items.


3. Editing line items

To edit a line item, simply double click on the line and then edit the text.

Edit line items within Aimsio's Invoice feature.


4. Bigger Table

This one's nice and self-explanatory...the table is larger :)

Larger table within Aimsio's Invoice feature.


When will it be available?

This feature was included in release 20.21, available on October 22, 2020.

Read about all updates, improvements, and bug fixes for release 20.21 in the Aimsio release notes.


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