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Five reasons it's time to go paperless

By Aimsio Team Writer

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We get it - making changes to processes is difficult. First, you have to research your options. Then you have to get buy-in from your team. Then you have to sell it as *the* solution. Finally, there's the implementation and training. But, here's the thing...using paper forms in the field is becoming obsolete. And what's worse: having to implement a new process, or having a process that's obsolete? 

Read on to learn our top 5 reasons why going paperless in the field is the way to go.

1. Reduce invoice turnaround time

We're not talking about reducing it by 10%. We're talking about reducing it by 80%. How? It's simple. Once the job is complete, the data is entered in real-time and accounting receives it almost immediately. You'll be able to invoice with the click of a button (all through the same system). Data entered -- Accounting receives it -- Invoice. Done.


2. View field reports same-day

As soon as data is captured in the field, it automatically gets sent to the head office, where reports can be viewed almost immediately. It's just one of the many perks of going paperless.


3. Be in the know

What if you could have your very own dashboard and could generate your own reports - whenever you wanted? Because all of the data only has to be entered into the system once (as opposed to once in the field and once in the office), this is now a reality. You don't have to wait for month-end to get reports from accounting. Companies who have real-time data can adjust quickly and adapt to a changing project landscape. 


4. Environmentally friendly

Sure your operations are more efficient, but you're also reducing the amount of paper your company uses on a daily basis. It's an added bonus.


5. No more lost tickets

And that means no more lost revenue. If your field tickets never have to physically make their way back to the head office, there's no opportunity for them to get lost along the way. 


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by Aimsio Team Writer

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